With nearly 50 years' experience (and passion!) in the moke industry, there are few questions about mokes that we cannot answer!

Into Mokes since 1965

Runamoke was started in 1965 by Ron Smith after he fell in love with the Moke, - something a lot of people are still doing today. Back then, the Moke was fairly new on the scene, but attracted a wide and diverse following and up to 1994 was manufactured in various countries, and had many changes.

At its peak, Runamoke sold Mokes, repaired them, carried out the routine servicing requirements, body repairs and sold the parts all over the world. We even rented Mokes out and had many on various film locations far and wide. If you needed anything to do with a Moke, you only had to contact Runamoke.

Post-production Era

Today, of course, you can't buy a new Moke - well not easily anyway, - but not much else has changed. We don't hire them out to film-makers anymore, but much else is the same.

If you have any questions about Mokes, ask us!

Runamoke Services

Nearly 50 years on, Runamoke still sell Mokes, buy Mokes, service Mokes, repair and restore Mokes as well as source Moke pars and supply Moke Hoods.

Runamoke can arrange delivery anywhere in the world and have a great deal of experience in this field.

Although a lot of panels are no longer available, Runamoke are able to either convert a panel from one that is from a later Moke, or manufacture their own to very exacting standards.

Runamoke's Experience

We have a large customer database, with many satisfied customers who are returning on a regular basis. So, for help and some sound advice please contact us. At Runamoke, we are committed to supporting the future of the Moke with our specialist resources and long-tern experience.

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