Like the original Mini, the Moke was designed in a way which meant that there were only a few differences between the Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive cars. This saved costs when the cars were being built, but also makes converting a Moke from one set-up to the other quite straightforward. The change can also be reversed easily, if need be.

Runamoke can undertake this work on your Moke, or on any Moke we may have for sale. The cost is around £550 including parts, depending on what is needed.

Here is a guide to what is involved. Items marked * are essentials and are included in the £550. Other items depend on the Moke concerned are your own requirements.

* Steering Rack

The rack will need to be changed.

* Bracket for Steering Column and Pedals

This bracket supports the Steering Column and incorporates the pivots for the Brake and Clutch pedals. It will need changing to the appropriate LHD/RHD version, as they are not interchangeabley.

* Pedals

The Brake and Clutch pedals can transferred over, but the Accelerator cannot. The LHD and RHD Accelerators are a different shape and hinge differently, so you’ll need the correct one.

* Steering Column

The existing column can be transferred over.

* Master Cylinders

The Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders need to be moved to other side of the engine compartment. New hydraulic pipes need to be made up to connect to them in their new position. (This is the fiddly bit!)

If fitted, Radiator Expansion Tank

These tanks were only fitted to later Mokes. You’ll find them on Portuguese Mokes, but not on English Mokes. Australians Mokes may have them, but this will depend on the year of the Moke. If fitted, the tank will need to be moved to make space for the relocation of the Master Cylinders - the tank then goes where the Master Cylinders used to be. New brackets for the tank will probably needed.


Similarly, if your Moke has a heater, the hoses will need to be re-routed to allow for the relocation of the Master Cylinders.

* Lighting

Remember you would need to ensure you have headlamps that dip to the correct side. We can supply and fit these. If your Moke has a rear fog lamp and reversing lamp, these may need swapping over (the fog light should be on the side of the car furthest from the kerb).


Most Miles-per-Hour speedometers are marked with Kilometres per Hour as well, but not usually the other way round. If you are planning to register your Moke in a different country, you may need to check the local laws on speedometers, because it may be a requirement that the main speed markings are appropriate for that country.

Of course you may want to do this anyway, so you know whether you are speeding or not!

Your existing speedometer can be given a new face, or we can obtain a replacement speedometer. Either way, the speedometer may need recalibrating to ensure it reads correctly.

Note: Changing the speedometer is not included in the ‘ball-park’ figure of £550.


Historically, RHD cars in general have their indicator stalks on the right of the steering column, while LHD cars have them on the left. More recently, they seem to have been standardised so that the indicator stalk is always on the left, regardless of whether the car is LHD or RHD (and the wiper stalk is usually on the right).

Both types of stalks were used on Minis, so they are still fairly easy to obtain, although they might not be strictly correct for the year of your Moke. So unless originality is a must, our advice is to choose what suits you best. If you regularly use another car, it makes sense to set up the indicator stalks to match (otherwise you may find yourself switching on the wipers when you want to indicate a turn - know the feeling?!).


If you have an English Moke with a single wiper, this is obviously going to have to be moved.

On any Moke with twin wipers, it is usual for the wipers to ‘park’ on the left (viewed from the driver’s seat) on RHD cars; and on the right on LHD cars. In practice, the area swept by the wipers is much about the same in either set-up. You often find if a Moke was changed in the past from LHD to RHD (or vice-versa), the wipers may well have been left as they were.

If you want your wipers set up in the ‘correct’ position on your Moke, this is easiest on the Portuguese Mokes, on the other Mokes with twin wipers this is more difficult, as the parts may harder to find. However, we will be happy to look into this for you.

Any Questions?

If we haven’t covered a question you may have about converting a moke to or from left/right-hand drive, please get in touch.